Frequently Asked Questions

You should notify us by emailing with both your old and new address and your share account number.

Yes, contact us by emailing to request a mandate form. Fill out the part that is required of the shareholder and then have your bank stamp and sign it with the signatures of two authorized signatories and their page numbers.

You can determine the number of shares you hold by adding up all your share certificates and holdings in CSCS, referring to your recent dividend warrant, or contact us via

Dividends are payments out of operating profits by a company to shareholders and are paid net of withholding tax (Currently 10%). It may be paid once a year (final dividend) or twice a year (interim & final dividend). We have however, seen cases when dividend are paid three times. (1st Interim, 2nd Interim & Final).

Prior to announcing year-end results of companies, dates are set out for the Closure of Register of members for the purpose of payment of dividend and issue of scrip popularly known as 'Bonus'. These dates will determine the qualification for dividends and scripts. Hence, "cum div" or "cum scrip" means purchases before the Closure of Register will be entitled to all the benefits payable on the investment while "ex div" or "ex script” means purchase made after the entitlements were declared. Conversely, if you sell your shares before the Closure of Register, you sold so to say "cum div" and "cum script" and hence you will not enjoy the dividend or script to be issued at the coming AGM. The reverse is the case when you sell your share "Ex Div" and “Ex Script"

Please contact us immediately either in writing or in person.

Please contact us to have it revalidated. Please note that dividend warrants are valid for six months from the date of issue.

Dividend warrants are currently valid for six months from the date of payment. After this time you should return any uncashed/unpaid warrant to us for revalidation free of charge.

If you lose your dividend warrant you should contact us at as soon as possible, confirming where payment has been lost. We will arrange for the warrant to be stopped and issue you an indemnity form for processing of the duplicate free of charge. However, upon recovery you are expected to return the original one to us.

If shares are bought at different times, the registration details given to the Registrar may differ slightly on each occasion. This can result in the Registrar opening additional shareholder accounts for you. If the names are the same, Please write to us requesting to consolidate/amalgamate your accounts. You must indicate the various account numbers and the instruction must be duly signed.

Shareholders have the right to receive dividends (if payable), to receive key company information (such as Annual Reports /Accounts), to attend Annual General Meetings or Extra-ordinary General Meetings and to Vote and be voted for on certain affairs of the company. They also have the right to possess a share certificate to confirm ownership of shares, right to receive all notices and information regarding their shares.

These are evidence of your ownership of the shares and represent your interest in the company.

Please contact us at; it is possible that the share certificate has been returned unclaimed.

Yes. You need to send the share certificates to us with a covering letter requesting for amalgamation of share certificate. We will then issue you with a single share certificate representing the total number of shares you own.

If a share certificate is lost, stolen or destroyed, notify us immediately so that a "caution" can be placed on our records to prevent transfer of ownership to another person. In order to replace your certificate(s),

  • You need to notify us of the misplacement with a formal letter.
  • You need to execute an indemnity form at your expense to protect all parties against the possibility that the lost certificate might return to circulation. You will also need to arrange for a further guarantee by a clearing bank or a recognized insurance company.
  • Also you are expected to obtain a sworn affidavit and police report showing loss of the certificate.

Legally, a child under 18 years of age may not have shares registered in their own name. Usually, if shares are purchased on behalf of a child, they are registered in the name of a guardian who is free to deal on the shares on behalf of the child.

Provide us with the following documents:

  • Photocopy of marriage Certificate and original for sighting
  • Original Sworn affidavit in case of change of family name.
  • Original Bankers confirmation of signature bearing passport photograph of Shareholder and duly endorsed by the Bank (where necessary to change signature)

Please contact your stockbroker.

We will require you to bring the following: an official letter informing us of the demise of the shareholder, Letter of Administration, the original share certificate, Banker’s confirmation of signature of the administrators and there is a charge involved.

  • This can only be done with an authority letter from your wife/husband, attaching copy of any valid identification material.
  • For the children, copies of proof of purchase and copies of birth certificates are required.
  • Please note that this procedure is also applicable if you are collecting certificates, dividend warrants or revalidating stale dividend warrant on their behalf.

Confirmation of signature letter is required from your banker confirming your new signature with the specimen of it captured in a letter address to us and your photograph must be attached to the letter and stamped by the bank.

Drivers’ License, International Passport and Nigeria National ID Card. Please note that all must be valid.

Please contact your branch of purchase for the allotment certificate. You are required to contact us for the bonus certificate status.

Kindly download a GDR e-payment form from our website or visit any branch of Diamond Bank. Properly fill/complete the obtained GDR e-payment form and send to us via post or CSM of any branch of Diamond Bank and your account will be credited on receipt .

Kindly check our website for the price.

1 GDR = 100 ordinary shares

Kindly download the requirement form on our website.

Kindly email customercare@ .