Linkage Assurance Strategy

Mission Statement

Linkage Assurance Plc is in business to provide first-class insurance and other financial services to the African insurance markets. To achieve this, it has deployed exemplary management, best-in-class information technology infrastructure and well trained and motivated workforce as vehicles for achieving the superior returns expected by shareholders.

Company Vision

To be a world-class Mega African Insurance Company by the year 2015.

Company Objective

To provide first class and innovative insurance services through our fully computerized operations managed by highly qualified and seasoned professional, to give added value to our brokers and clients.

Company Commitment

The Company is committed to delivering speedy and accurate services to its customers as and when they want, and not when it thinks they should have it.

Driven by its tested relationship with respectable brokers/agents, strategic alliance with reputable financial institutions and growing investment in human resources and information technology, the quality of services rendered will continue to be its most reliable means of communicating with the market.

It strives to maintain the professional mien of the global insurance industry and ensure measurable gains for all stakeholders of Linkage Assurance Plc