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Welcome to Centurion Registrars

Centurion Registrars is a share registration company duly authorized by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to operate in the capital market. our mission is to delight the board of directors and shareholders of our client companies with speedy, accurate and analytical response to their needs as we also recognize the impact of our regulators in ensuring investor confidence in our market and the subsequent growth of our companies through customer satisfaction which is our optimum objective.



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Primary Markets

We have organised several successful Initial Public Offers, Rights Offers, Private Placements, Special Placements, Issuance of Corporate and Government Bonds to name a few.

Secondary Market

We work with stock broking firms, acting on behalf of investors/shareholders to verify claims as presented through the stock broking firms.

Company Meetings

We handle AGMs, EGMs and Court Ordered Meetings using modern day processes and tools.

Dividend Payout

Our prompt payout system is achieved by ensuring that mandated accounts are credited no more than 48 hours after dividends have been approved.