We are a customer driven and innovative share registration company




Centurion Registrars is a customer driven compact share registration company that operates the age old management style of Total Quality Management (TQM). Our staff are trained to be consummate registrars with competency in all aspects of share registration and are poised to meet the needs of all prospective clients.

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Our Mission

At Centurion Registrars, our mission is to delight the board of directors and shareholders of our client companies with speedy, accurate and analytical response to their needs as we also recognize the impact of our regulators in ensuring investor confidence in our market and the subsequent growth of our companies through customer satisfaction which is our optimum objective.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier share registrar service platform in Nigeria through the use of innovative technology solutions.


Centurion Registrars was incorporated as the registrars department of DBL Securities Limited (later Diamond Bank Securities) in 1991. On Dec 10, 2007 it was registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as Diamond Registrars Limited and became a separate standalone company. In July 25, 2009, the company was approved by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to operate in the capital market in the area of share registration.