Versatile in Primary market and Secondary market transactions and much more


Primary Markets
In the Primary Market, where fresh funds are raised from the public, Centurion Registrars has participated actively with proven expertise over the years in Initial Public Offer, Rights Offer, Private Placement, Special Placement, Issuing of Corporate and Government Bonds, Conversion Capitalisation of funds, Option/share incentive scheme, Global Depository Receipts (GDR), Share Reconstruction and Merger & Acquisition.

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Secondary Markets
We deal regularly with stock broking firms acting on behalf of investors/shareholders.We verify investors claims (i.e. certificates and signed transfer forms) as presented through the stock broking firms.We render verification services through the CSCS and alert on any abnormalities.
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We organize and officiate Annual General Meetings (AGM)/Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM)/Court Ordered Meetings (COM).Inline with modernisation, Centurion Registrars has commenced the adoption of poll voting fully supported by advanced technology. 
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Dividend Payout 
For dividend payments, all mandated accounts are paid electronically not more than 48 hours after dividend has been approved at the AGM. We encourage that shareholders mandate their accounts to benefit from this new development.

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Share Holder Online Portal Access platform for shareholders, stockbrokers and company secretaries to make enquiries, print statements and execute correspondent instructions.

Research Reports

We do not only provide our clients with unique insights on the dynamics of their register but in addition, we highlight market activities and analytical views on the trades.

Key Relationships

We maintain close relationships with loan shareholder associations, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies according due priority to all.