About us

Centurion Registrars started as a unit of Diamond securities, then a subsidiary of Diamond Bank. From inception, the unit carved a niche for itself in the capital market as a disciplined, compact and prudent entity. In Centurion Registrars we are always aware that the only thing that is constant is change. As a focused organization we have never been destabilized by the many unexpected changes in the Nigeria Capital Market. According to John Wooden, "things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out". This is what we believe here at Centurion Registrars and it is working for us.

Centurion Registrars was incorporated as the registrars department of DBL Securities Limited (later Diamond Bank Securities) in 1991. On Dec 10, 2007 it was registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) as Diamond Registrars Limited and became a separate standalone company and In July 25, 2009, the company was approved by Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to operate in the capital market in the area of share registration. Centurion has an authorized share capital of 500 million with 60 million fully paid. The company is in the list of top ten leading Registrars companies in Nigeria.